Poseidon MK6 CCR import: the way forward

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Wed Oct 29 01:02:50 PDT 2014

On 27/10/2014 18:38, Paul Sargent wrote:
>> >
>> > I'm certainly happy to look over as much as I can, but it's limited by
>> > what I can exercise from my dive data. As far as I can tell a number of
>> > the patches recently deal with utilising ppO2 data from the 
>> sensors, and
>> > the only unit we can import ppO2 data from is a MkVI. I don't dive a
>> > MkVI, so whilst I can test planning CCR dives, or imported constant 
>> ppO2
>> > CCR dives from an OSTC, I can't exercise everything.
>> And that's fine.
>> > Let me know what you'd like me to attack ;-)
>> Everything that you CAN use. So for the dives that you import, do the
>> things that we show make sense? Is there a way they could (should?) make
>> more sense? Does the planning seem right? Pieces missing?
>> I simply notice that almost every time I do something that I usually 
>> don't
>> play much with, I quickly find little bugs. And I worry that that's the
>> experience for a lot of our users as well. And especially since tech
>> divers appear to be a reasonably big part of our user base, I want to 
>> make
>> sure we get this right :-)
>> /D
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Sorry for some absence. Was on a business trip (managed a few dives on 
the side).
I suggest that we focus in getting the Poseidon data logging working 
accurately and reliably. Once the Poseidon stuff is in an acceptable 
state, we use this as a platform to widen the range of CCR equipment 
that can be logged. We need to see that the underlying data structures 
for the Poseidon is rockstable, that the import reads a whole diversity 
of Poseidon dives and that the visual presentation is efficient and 
accurate. Currently there is no explicit provision for bailout diving, 
only uncomplicated CCR. I think it should not be complex to implement 
because the underlying data structures are already in place. That is the 
obvious next step in finalising the Poseidon code. But, for me, the 
first step is to see that the existing code works well, before any 
expansion. The Qt side is obviously becoming important now but I do not 
know whether Tomaz haz any spare time at the moment.

Does this make sense at all?

I will really try to get more persons diving with Poseidon to do some 
testing. I should be able to get at least one CCR instructor that uses 
Poseidon extensively.

The way that I feel, the  APD Inspiration is the next one to tackle 
because in some ways it would probably only use a subset of the Poseidon 
features (although there are complexities generated by the fact that it 
uses two computers), and Shearwater is obviously also often used, but I 
am hesitant to touch that before the Poseidon import works well.
Kind regards,

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