Setting location coordinates while editing a dive

John Van Ostrand john at
Thu Oct 30 13:22:03 PDT 2014

I was getting very frustrated adding a dive location to an existing dive. I
was expecting to be able to add a location then select the coordinates from
the globe and have the coordinates updated and the location name and
coordinates associated. Neither happens. The flag is planted without text
and the flag disappears when I save.

I thought that commit 9ead871d6456f8f19f6f0fe2413513ef4449253d was the
culprit except reverting it seemingly made no difference.
(qt-ui/globe.cpp:135 is the effective area of that commit.)

So I added a dive to see what functionality that commit was supposed to
correct. By double clicking, the coordinates are associated with the
location of the highlighted dive in the dive list. I can see why that's bad.

Then restoring the commit gave me the same add-dive bug, odd but I'll
forget about that right now.

So I'm looking for ideas on proper behaviour. There are several
circumstances I can think of:

1. User is adding a dive.. Associate the location with the edit location
name of the dive.
2. User is editing an existing dive. Associate the location with the edit
location name of the dive.
3. User is not editing a dive. Associate the location with the recorded
location name of the dive.

The problem arises that if the user changes the location while editing, or
cancels the edit that needs to change the location-coordinate mapping.

So, do we track that in the edit session and update it on a name change or
revert it on cancel?

Or do we inform the user, on a double click, that they need to save first?

John Van Ostrand
At large on sabbatical
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