[PATCH] Correct bug: setpoint handling of Poseidon CCR dive logs

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Thu Oct 30 23:30:14 PDT 2014

On 30/10/2014 19:32, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> Linus,
> much of this is code that you wrote (the original "when do we zero thing,
> when don't we"). I clearly mis-remembered some of this. Would you chime in
> to get to the right resolution here, please?
> On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 08:29:18AM +0200, Willem Ferguson wrote:
>> Ok, so here is how I understand the code as it is at present. It all happens
>> in
>> fixup_dive_dc() in dive.c and in fill_o2_values in profile.c.
>> fixup_dive_dc():
>> While a particular cylinder is being used (i.e. while the index of the
>> cylinder *remains the same*), the duplicate gas pressure values are zeroed
>> out. This is pre-existing code, i.e  it was there before any CCR code was
>> developed. I only added the zeroing out for diluent gas pressures as well.
>> [~line 1138 in dive.c].
> Towards a plan of action:
> My suggestion is that we do not touch the pressure values in
> fixup_dive_dc but that we remove code  that zeroes the oxygen-related
> values. Similarly, fill_o2_values() in profile.c is reduced to a loop that
> steps through the structures of plotdata, which corrects zero values (that
> might have originated either from the insertion of events along the dive
> profile or from glitches in the logging or download process) and which
> triggers po2 calculation for each structure of plotdata (i.e. each point on
> the dive profile).
> That sounds sane.
>> I am not sure what to do about the zeroing and re-instatement of temperature
>> data but if we were consistent, the zeroing of temperature data should also
>> be removed.
> Why? Can you explain why the tank pressure handling would stay, but the
> temperature handling would change?
> /D
Following the discussion on this topic, can we safely conclude that the 
gas pressure data are zeroed so that the interpolation algorithm can 
produce a much smoother graph of gas pressures and therefore should not 
be altered? This is because few DCs record gas pressure with each 
record. I must admit that my own hesitance to mess with the pressures is 
because the interpolation is done by five functions [starting with 
populate_pressure_information()] that work as a fairly tight unit and 
messing with any one will probably affect the whole overall process.

For this reason neither the temperature data nor the oxygen-related data 
need to be zeroed since the resolution of all these variables is more 
than sufficient and is highly unlikely to cause a blocky type of graph 
on the profile as long as these variable are logged fairly regularly. 
With the present code there is no possibility of interpolation of these 
data anyway. As an aside, temperature data from my Uwatec dive computer 
is blocky but this is because of the lack of temperature resolution of 
the DC. My Mares DC has better temperature resolution and a smooth 
temperature profile.

Therefore, would it be sensible if I removed the zeroing out of 
oxygen-related and temperature data, more or less as described in the 
plan of action above?
Kind regards,

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