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> Yes. So tell us in small words and short sentences ( :-) ) what it is that
> you would like and what the various bugs and missing features are.
> Ideally one at a time.
> I'm not trying to be funny - but it's really really hard to debug this /
> write the code when you don't quite understand what's wrong.
> For the developers usually the way we use things work. Otherwise we'd fix
> it :-)
I understand. I always try to be as precise as possible. Lately I 'm using
screencast because an illustration (video) is better than thousand words.

I have to dig into my old bug submissions related to gas management to
rebuild the whole story.
It seems to remember that:

- I should clearly identify my first/main tank and change whenever I like.
- I could have two or more identical tanks with same gas.
- The logic behind the current cylinder in use it's obscure.
- I would like to arrange tank order in the cylinder table.
- Current gas SAC stats are completely broken

I'm under the impression that the wonderful copy-paste procedure is messing
with current cilinder mistery.
I was trying to screencast the dive with ALL cylinders being current but
obviously after restarting Subsurface everything works.

Sorry about this but editing 12 technical dives with 4/5 different
cylinders and gases and dealing at the same time with:
<> (solved but not in my
current build)
<> (solved but not in my
current build)

And maybe other bugs (on current cylinder) is like running on a minefield
and only thinking to download and fill some other dives is like an incubus.


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