new daily builds and preparing for Beta 1

Robert C. Helling robert at
Fri Oct 31 23:18:26 PDT 2014


> Am 01.11.2014 um 00:12 schrieb Dirk Hohndel <dirk at>:
> The CCR / PSCR code clearly needs more work.
> What's the status of the planner?

Sorry I have been so silent recently but some real world issues required my attention more urgently. But I should have a few hours in the next week for subsurface. 

Do here is what I expect: 

CCR logging (as far as ceilings go) should work with gas consumption disabled beyond anything that is dillutant use at depth independent rate. 

CCR planning should work as well but still without much UI support for bailout variants except "from here bailout OC). 

PSCR will not be exposed to users (except maybe as Easter egg like have pscr keyword to turn on pscr ceiling calculations for testing). 

That is my plan which is hopefully realistic. 


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