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Sun Apr 5 00:28:44 PDT 2015

Good morning!

> On 05 Apr 2015, at 01:37, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:
> These are always out of tree builds, so from your subsurface directory do
> mkdir ../subsurface-build
> cd ../subsurface-build
> cmake ../subsurface
> You likely need a few arguments for that cmake call, depending on how you
> usually built with qmake. I use this:
> cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DLIBDCDEVEL=../libdivecomputer -DLIBDCSTATIC=1 -DLIBGIT2DEVEL=../libgit2 -DLIBGIT2STATIC=1 -DLIBMARBLEDEVEL=../marble/build ../subsurface

works for me on my Mac (after changing paths accordingly of course). Two remarks:

I still need to 

ln -s src/lib/marble/ lib

in the marble build directory and the new package is called

while it was spelled with a capital S before (don’t know if that matters for anybody).

> Also, if you are familiar with cmake, I'd love to get feedback on the
> utter mess that I created, err, I mean, on my brilliant work towards
> switching us to using cmake... :-)

We all love you Dirk!

Happy Easter
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