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> Currently the facilities for managing the photos accessible to Subsurface
> are fairly crude. One can do a batch import using the "Load Images" context
> menu item on the dive list. This shows all the photos associated with each
> of the dives. But, once this is done, there is relatively little way of
> managing the photos for that dive. One can delete individual photos from
> the dive profile, but I think by far the best place to do this is in the
> Photos tab where all the photos are shown side-by-side.

This is possible from the Photos tab currently, but apparently some desktop
environment or window manager breaks the functionality. We do have a bug
report that on Ubuntu the keyboard shortcuts are not working at all. (Works
just fine for me on Xfce4.)

> One should be able to:
> Add individual photos from a directory. I think this is relatively easily
> done using the existing batch import but only selecting a single photo.

I can currently select exact photos or all of them from a single directory
and import/load based on the selection. However, I would like to have the
possibility to load photos recursively.

> Delete individual photos from a dive (with a confirmation dialogue). This
> used to be possible, not any more, however without a confirmation dialogue.
> This is particularly important if Subsurface cannot find the image
> (Ferguson moved the source folder without thinking) and shows a white dot
> above the profile. One cannot delete this white dot. At a minimum one
> should be able to select the name of the image in the Photos panel and
> delete that specific image.

The confirmation dialog should become unnecessary with the undo feature
that is currently been discussed. And I am also able to delete the
moved/missing images from the Photos tab. We need to fix the bug and we
should also have a broken image icon to use when the picture is missing.

> Sort the photos in the Photos panel (at a minimum sorting on EXIF time or
> on file name, depth might be interesting). Looks like currently the
> ordering is random, differing even between different events of opening the
> same dive and photos on Subsurface.

Depth of the photo would be interesting to see. For me the time order will
suffice (it is the same order as the file name with my cameras anyway).

Now that you mention the depth order, it might be interesting to have pics
from multiple dives in depth order and possibility to filter them by the
critter. This would give an indication of at what depth e.g. I should
expect to find pygmy seahorses :D But now I am talking about picture
cataloging, not dive log. (I will just need to copy the depth information
to KPhotoAlbum and I have all the filtering I need available.)

> How much of this is reasonably easily implementable?

 We could add these ideas with good description for the anxious GSoC
students to grab for the pre-application patch requirement :D

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