[PATCH] Associate existing dive site to current dive

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Sat Feb 14 11:37:20 PST 2015

On Sat, Feb 14, 2015 at 09:25:43PM +0200, Miika Turkia wrote:
> >
> > Read the beginning of the function... if I'm not mistaken, ds is created
> > from dive->dive_site_uuid... so there should be no reason to set it again.
> > Am I missing something?
> The attached log (2 dives) has same sites for both of the dives, but
> opening it with current master does loose one of the locations. This occurs
> during the conversion from old format, thus there is no uuid for the dive
> currently being parsed. So we get the uuid by the site name, but never
> assign that to the dive in case of duplicate location.

Thank you so much for the example. It made it plainly obvious that while I
read the code before your patch, I didn't read it well enough. You are
indeed correct that there is one case where we DIDN'T have the correct
uuid in the dive. I'll apply your patch now.


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