4.4.1 has been released

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Wed Feb 18 14:50:32 PST 2015

Tag is pushed, all the binaries are up, as are the sources.


- Spanish, Russian and French translations of the user manual have been
- Better and more flexible parsing of GPS coordinates.
- Small fixes to the HTML export.
- Fixed a problem where dives imported from some Shearwater dive computers
  would be considered CCR dives. For dives imported in the past, manually
  setting them to OC works around the issue.
- Several fixes to imports from other divelog, including importing from
- New build script that should make it easier to build Subsurface from
  source on Linux distribution we don’t provide packages for.

Thanks to all of you who helped make this happen. Now we can (hopefully
focus on 4.5.

Oh, and to avoid even more version number confusion I need to figure out
how to have further daily builds get 4.4.1 based numbers...

One way to do this might be to merge the v4.4-branch back into master, but
somehow I wonder if that's the smartest way to do this.

Linus, any suggestions? I know we talked about this before but I can't
remember what your recommendation was (clearly).


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