Unused cylinder again

Davide DB dbdavide at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 15:47:52 PST 2015

I upgraded to 4.4.1 and the problem i still there.
I tried adding a manual dive and it's there.

After restarting Subsurface I can happily remove cylinders.


On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 12:12 AM, Davide DB <dbdavide at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry guys but I got stuck again in a situation when a cylinder is not
> used but I cannot delete it.
> I have a brand new dive imported (bottom timer).
> I copy cylinders from a previous dive.
> Source dive has 4 cylinders
> Destination dive should have just three cylinders.
> I paste 4 cylinder
> I add gas change events only for 3 of them.
> I save everything.
> I cannot delete the unused cylinder :(
> A screencast demonstrating the problem
> https://www.screenr.com/zTEN
> I did not recall this bug because it's something that I'm used to.
> Is it something new?
> I will eventually file a ticket
> Thanks
> --
> Davide
> https://vimeo.com/bocio/videos


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