Pressure line missing on dive profile

Miika Turkia miika.turkia at
Wed Jul 1 23:20:26 PDT 2015

> On 02 Jul 2015, at 11:59, Steve Butler <kg7je at> wrote:
>> On 07/01/2015 06:51 AM, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
>>> On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 09:49:28PM -0700, Steve Butler wrote:
>>>> On 06/30/2015 09:41 PM, Steve Butler wrote:
>>>> Subsurface: 4.4.2-292
>>>> DC:  Suunto Cobra
>>>> Dive 69:  Downloaded March 8 (or soon thereafter) has pressure line and
>>>> the P: entries on the Information block.
>>>> Dive 70:  Dive for June 15 downloaded June 30 (today).  Does not have
>>>> either.
>>>> I don't remember changing any preferences and can't locate one to make the
>>>> switch.
>>>> What else do I need to include to help locate what happened?  It is always
>>>> possible that it is PEBKAC.
>>>> --Steve
>>> This may help.  Perhaps the pressure didn't get downloaded from the DC for
>>> #70.
>>> <dive number="69" date="2015-03-08" time="12:13:00" duration="23:10
>>> min"><cylinder size="14.383 l" workpressure="237.318 bar"
>>> description="HP119" o2="31.0%" start="222.0 bar" end="126.0
>>> bar"/><divecomputer model="Suunto Cobra" deviceid="04e6459b"
>>> diveid="f8d87d3d"><depth max="14.021 m" mean="8.94 m"/><temperature air="9.0
>>> C" water="8.0 C"/>
>>> <dive number="70" date="2015-06-15" time="18:30:00" duration="27:30
>>> min"><notes>Last Rescue dive.</notes><cylinder size="14.383 l"
>>> workpressure="237.318 bar" description="HP119" o2="30.0%"/><weightsystem
>>> weight="13.608 kg" description="integrated"/><weightsystem weight="4.536 kg"
>>> description="pockets"/><weightsystem weight="0.907 kg"
>>> description="ankle"/><divecomputer model="Suunto Cobra" deviceid="04e6459b"
>>> diveid="b1b300e2"><depth max="24.994 m" mean="14.289 m"/><temperature
>>> water="11.0 C"/>
>> I'm not familiar with the Cobra. But from looking at pictures it should be
>> hose based and air integrated? Then the pressure in the cylinder entry
>> comes from the pressure delivered in the samples. So the question is... if
>> you look at the samples, are there pressure values in the older dives and
>> not in the newer dives?
>> /D
> Hose/air-integrated.
> I closed my logbook and created a new one by downloading all dives from the DC.  None of them had pressure information.  Based on what I saw from Suuto's DM, and how it appears to be stored in the DC menus, I suspect the pressure start/end are stored in some sort of header.  I don't see profile based pressure points (may be there but not that I can detect).
> Dumped the log file but find I don't know how to read the data lines being recorded.  Then did both the log and dump file.  The 2nd log was bigger than the first and appears to be reading 4 more bytes per sample record.  Also looks like 2 extra bytes are written for each read.
> Attached:
> -- subsurface.log  (log file from 1st log run)
> -- subsurface2.log (log file from 2nd log run with dump file also being generated)
> -- subsurface2.bin (dump file from 2nd log run).
> How do you read the dump file?

my Suunto Vyper air works properly with the pressures. Have you updated to newer daily build IIRC your version was quite old. Or tried with the latest release?

The dump file can be fed to Subsurface with simulator. It is the pure memory the DC has... We should have instructions on our webpage, but with phone, won't try to find the link for you...


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