[Patches] Planner preferences and deco stops at 10ft increments

Rick Walsh rickmwalsh at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 06:25:39 PDT 2015

[PATCH 14/15] Read planner preferences when we use them

Read and use the last_stop preference in the plan function.  Read the plan
notes preferences and set variables (plan_verbatim, plan_display_runtime,
plan_display_duration, and plan_display_transitions) in the
add_plan_to_notes function.  Don't read the preferences and set variables
otherwise.  Both plan and add_plan_to_notes functions are called on data

Previous behaviour was:
        Set variables on declaration
        Reset variables in plan function (even variables that only relate
to planner notes output)
        Changing a preference triggered set_xxx function which sets
variable, then plan function, which sets variable again.
Apart from being inefficient, the previous behaviour made it difficult to
track down where and when variables were set.

[PATCH 15/15] Planner deco stops are at 10ft increments when measured
 in feet

When using feet as depth unit, deco stop levels should be at 10 ft rather
than 3 m increments.  For shallow stops, rounding means the difference is
not apparent.  However, with stops deeper than 30 feet, using 3 m
increments leads stops at 39ft, 49ft, ..., 98ft, etc.

Apart from making plans look messy, the old behaviour makes it harder to
benchmark the planner against published profiles in imperial units.
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