[GSoC] Week 6 (Native Bluetooth support)

Claudiu Olteanu olteanu.vasilica.claudiu at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 12:50:59 PDT 2015

Hi there,

I spent this week doing some tests to find out the possible reasons
of some  issues:
- first the QtSocketBluetooth::connectToService(address, uuid, mode)
doesn't work as expected. On some devices, the SPP profile is never found.
- second on some environments the connection takes too long when
I use my second device (HW OSTC2) and the timeout event is raised

Besides my OpenSuse distribution (BlueZ 5.30 and Qt 5.4.1)
I created two new environments:
- Fedora 22 : Bluez 5.29 and Qt 5.4.2
- ArchLinux 2015.07.01 : BlueZ 5.31 and Qt 5.4.2

Regarding the first issue I did some investigations and I started to
talk with the maintainer of QtBluetooth API.  He said that it could be
a bug in the library and I provided him some extra information. Now
I am waiting for his feedback.

To be honest, I am a little stuck with the second problem.
My HW OSTC Sport device works on all environments while the
OSTC 2 model doesn't.

On the OpenSuse environment there are moments when I successfully
connect to the device and initiate the data transfer mode and moments
when it gets stuck in the Connecting state. On the other two environments
the device always gets stuck on the connecting state.

Now I don't know what to do next and how to tackle the problem.
I did everything I had in mind (extended the timeout, verified that
the date of the device is set correctly, looked over the HCI logs and
see what could be wrong, tried to use directly the RFCOMM 1 channel).

Have a nice week,

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