[PATCH] MOD of oxygen at pO2 of 1.6 is 20ft

Robert C. Helling helling at atdotde.de
Sun Jul 5 21:21:25 PDT 2015


> On 06 Jul 2015, at 00:19, Linus Torvalds <torvalds at linux-foundation.org> wrote:
> Trying to find any metric dive plans with google and failing pretty
> badly. But the V-Planner FAQ seems to have examples that seem to be
> more along the lines of a mixture of  "round metric numbers, except at
> the shallower end".

a good resource is

http://seveke.de/tauchen/download/1tabellen.htm <http://seveke.de/tauchen/download/1tabellen.htm>

and yes, as far as I know: Everybody I know does 3m steps (5m would be too far away from the ideal ascent along the continuously varying ceiling).

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