[GSoC] Week 6 (Native Bluetooth support)

Claudiu Olteanu olteanu.vasilica.claudiu at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 11:41:37 PDT 2015

Sorry for the late response but I decided to try again to
compile the Subsurface project with Qt 5.5.0.

After I read carefully the log messages I find out what caused the problem.
Apparently the headers from two libraries were missing
(mesa-libGL-devel and  libdrm-devel).

Now I receive an undefined reference to my "dc_serial_qt_open" method:

libsubsurface_corelib.a(libdivecomputer.c.o): In function
/home/claudiu/gsoc/subsurface/libdivecomputer.c:930: undefined reference to

The method is declared as external "C" and is implemented in
qtserialbluetooth.cpp source. I don't know what changed from Qt 5.4.1
version to Qt 5.5.0 because it worked before the Qt update.

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