Dive site management and taxonomy test

Davide DB dbdavide at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 09:33:40 PDT 2015

Il 13/lug/2015 18:06, "Dirk Hohndel" <dirk at hohndel.org> ha scritto:
> When Henrik and you and some others finally got me to agree to implement
> the location management I was afraid of exactly that. This incredible sink
> hole of development that prevents another release, that sucks all the
> development resources dry and seemingly never gets to something that the
> people who wanted it are actually happy with.
> I don't need the location management. But I don't want a half-assed crap
> solution, either. And with Tomaz being the only real UI developer we have
> and with his time being more limited lately, it seems like we are stuck.

You are right :(
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