GSoC Status - Week 7 (VPM-B)

Jan Darowski jan.darowski at
Mon Jul 13 13:53:21 PDT 2015

This week I wrote a Boyles law compensation and checked all the
calculations to find the root of the differences of results against
the original implementation.

I found that there is a difference between the code and papers in one
of the CVA formulas. I need to add one more calculation, which will
estimate the time at the surface required for the diver to fully

Another important thing, is that the Boyles law compensation seems to
be just stupid. It scales the allowable gradients based on the
nucleons radius at the first deco stop. The problem is, even very
small difference in the tissue saturation or different way of ascent
simulation can cause the diver to have the first stop sooner or later.
Then, gradients are scaled against different radius, which has a huge
influence on the total deco time.

I will confirm it but for now, on one of the tests I had a minute of
difference without Boyles compensation and 235 vs 289min with it on.
That's way too much.

Jan Darowski

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