Companion app / mobile app feature ideas

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Thu Jul 16 07:57:42 PDT 2015

On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 02:43:17PM +0000, Richard DePas wrote:
> ...So yes, there is a setting that tells you not to drop a new pin based on
> > distance, but that's always distance from the last location. So if you
> > move away and come back you will get more gps fixes potentially very close
> > together.
> Understood. Thank you for the clarification on the operation.
> > ...I don't think I've ever used the manual mode, since.
> I'll definitely need to give it a try the next time out. Sure sounds like a
> great way to operate the companion app.

It is.

> Maybe a feature request that would add a little cool factor to the
> companion app would be the ability to suggest the site based on location
> (would require minimal user interaction) or take it one step further and
> have an button to 'Find dive sites near me'. Would really be helpful if it
> could pull sites from a shared cloud repository so we could all add to it.
> Planned dive site too crowded...what's close? Let me check my Subsurface
> Companion App!  (Sorry for getting off topic for the current release).

So yes, there are many cool things we could do there.
Keep in mind that my expectation is that we'll have a mobile version of
Subsurface for Android later this year - and things like this could quite
easily be added to that.

The situation on iOS is not that rosy. It seems that the licensing terms
of the iTunes store prevent GPLed software... I keep meaning to
investigate this further and trying to see if there are ways around it (as
it should be pretty easy to create an app based on the existing sources...
my understanding is that all we need is a different "startup" module).


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