[PATCH] Bluetooth improvements

Claudiu Olteanu olteanu.vasilica.claudiu at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 03:50:54 PDT 2015

Hi Rick,

I can select my usb bluetooth dongle (using the one that came with my
> petrel), and power it up or down, but I was not able to pair or unpair
> (when previously paired using the onboard bluetooth).  Downloading fails
> with the usb dongle, even when it had already been paired.  It didn't make
> any difference whether onboard bluetooth was powered or not when I tried.

Can you give me more details about the downloading step?
It fails on the connection step or it gets stuck during the download
mode? You should find some logs on the console.

Does the onboard bluetooth device work after applying the patches?

I tested my patches on my OpenSuse env with a Gembird Mini3
Tiny Bluetooth v.2.1 dongle and I didn't encounter problems during
the download. The pair/unpair commands work too.

Unfortunately the device is not recognized on my Fedora virtual
machine. Probably it is a problem with my driver because on their site
the latest driver has support for Windows 7 and I have Windows 8.1.

Also, please check if the pairing status from the Bt selection widget
is the same as the one from bluetoothctl/bluedevil tools.

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