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Joakim Bygdell j.bygdell at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 08:32:03 PDT 2015

> On 10 Jun 2015, at 17:07, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at hohndel.org> wrote:
> If the user just added a location name, never went to the dive site edit
> screen and then saves the dive (so Apply changes in the Notes tab) then we
> look at the name - if it's a known dive site name we pick that one (no
> idea what to do if there are multiple dive sites with the same name...),
> if it's not we simply create a dive site with that name and no additional
> information and use the uuid of that dive site for the dive we just
> finished editing.
> Does that all seem reasonable? What am I missing?

If the user already have a dive site with coordinates that have the same name we can assume that it is the same and pick that one.
If it is a new dive site for the user and there exists multiple sites with the same name, should we show a list for the user to pick from and in that case how much more information about the site should we show other than country.

>> Comparing my V2 and my V3 files I discovered a lot of of errors in my
>> old logbook.
>> I have several duplicates because:
>> I had several dives in the same place. Same name but some of them with
>> gps data, some not.
>> I had several dives in the same place, same name but slightly
>> different gps points (I mean I used the companion app several times in
>> the same spot)
> I have that same situation in my data
>> I discovered that a row of 8 training dives, the same day in the same
>> place, have slightly different gps points because the boat moved on
>> the anchor and now I have 7 different dive sites.
>> Right now I'm not sure how laymen will solve these problems once migrated.
> I have no good idea how to do that, either.

How big are the deviations between the GPS coordinates??
Should we implement some sort of filter that merges dive site coordinates if they are within 50m 
or whatever error margin the GPS locator has.

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