[PATCH] QtBluetooth implementation

Claudiu Olteanu olteanu.vasilica.claudiu at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 14:49:42 PDT 2015

> One of the things that I would like to see as part of the project
> deliverables is of course documentation / addition to the user manual.
> There we need to be especially careful to do this in a way that makes
> sense to the non-technical person... just a diver with a computer.

I will write the documentation after I will create a functional prototype
all the devices.

So I wonder what a good message would be. We have a few messages that are
> basically "This should never happen, please contact the Subsurface
> developers and tell them <bla>" (I am paraphrasing, of course, but that's
> the idea). I think that would be more appropriate.

Yes, it is a better message. In this way the user will not be confused with
unnecessary information.

For the average diver... how many do you think can make any sense of that
> Bluetooth address? Maybe show it if someone hovers over the name? But if
> we have a name I really wouldn't show it in the UI

I thought that it will be enough to show the name of the device in the
dialog and use its address on the device combo box. In the communication
process I only need that address and it was easier for me to save it on
the *ui.device* combobox. If you want I can fill the text with the name of

> The way the API works you would have to set the variable to NULL in the
> caller - doing so in the function won't make a difference, right?

Yes, it won't make a difference. The current native serial implementation
doesn't set it to NULL. If someone wants to use the device after it was
it means that there is a problem with its logic and the program should exit

> Usually I find merging in git really easy, assuming you use the right
> tools. Visual 3-way merge helpers like meld are really wonderful.

Thanks for the tips. I usually use Meld when I need to work
with TFS repositories on a Linux platform. It is a great tool but in
that day I totally forgot about it.
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