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Hi Willem.

2015-05-01 17:23 GMT+02:00 Willem Ferguson <willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za>

> When we say Subsurface supports OSTC Tools, what exactly does this mean?
> Is OTC Tools the regular download
> software for OSTC? I see its divided into 3 parts with separate functions,
> some of it overlapping with Subsurface.
OSTCTools is a set of tools windows based.  H&W didn't developed software
for their devices, except a little bootloader for firmware updates.   While
Subsurface and other softwares which support OSTC devices tend to be
universal, OSTCTools only supports OSTC computers.
One of the tools is used download dives from the computer and store them in
individual files one dive per file.  It just do that, almost raw downloaded
data,  no gear, no notes ...  It's not a true diving log.

What Subsurface does is just import this files into its own regular format,
so a user can import to subsurface  any dive he had previously downloaded
with this software, but, off course, the user will need to add data to the
import as the OSTCTools files only have computer related data.

In the manual, I think, this should only be mentioned as another file
format supported for import with a warning about the information
limitations, and, may be, a recomendation about selecting every file to
import in a single operation instead of picking them one by one.

Is there anyone with an OSTC who can help?
> Well, I'm proud owner of a OSTC-2N   };-)

If you want to try it,  there are two samples in the dives directory the
*.dive files.


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