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Anton Lundin glance at
Sat May 16 05:23:33 PDT 2015

I'm on a diving boat in the middle of the Baltic sea right now, and on my cell, but to me it sounds like a pairing issue.

Try bt-device yada connect something and re-pair the computer with your dongle.

Link keys are kept by the os so if you paired that device with that dongle under a different os you need to re-pair the devices.

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On May 16, 2015 10:41:37 AM GMT+02:00, Rick Walsh <rickmwalsh at> wrote:
>Has anyone has managed to download dives from a Shearwater Petrel 2 on
>All my attempts have failed in one way or another, and I suspect there
>might the a difference in the way the Petrel and Petrel 2 communicate.
>They might look the same, and work the same (except for the compass),
>but the Petrel 2 is advertised as Bluetooth Smart Ready (aka Bluetooth
>Low Energy or BLE) and I wonder if this is significant.
>I posted about this previously, and Anton suggested
>trying a different Bluetooth dongles to connect, and using the rfcomm
>connect (as opposed to bind) command.  I went on a bit of a Bluetooth
>dongle spree.
>I have tried 4 dongles/devices:
>1. The onboard device on my laptop (does not support BLE according to
>'hciconfig hci0 features')
>2. The one that comes with the Petrel 2 (does not support BLE)
>3. A cheap noname Bluetooth 2.0 dongle (does not support BLE)
>4. A more expensive Targus Bluetooth 4.0 dongle (does support BLE)
>All devices will detect the Petrel with 'hcitool -i hci1 scan'.
>After activating the dongle (sudo hciconfig hci1 up auth), setting the
>Petrel 2 to upload mode, and using the command 'sudo rfcomm -i hci1
>connect /dev/rfcomm 00:13:43:0E:6B:D0', I get the the terminal
>For all devices except the Petrel 2 supplied dongle:
>Can't connect RFCOMM socket: Connection refused
>(the timer on the Petrel screen keeps counting down as if nothing has
>For the Petrel 2 supplied dongle:
>Can't connect RFCOMM socket: Invalid exchange
>(the Petrel displays BT INIT FAIL)
>I have also tried the libdivecomputer universal tool, built with Jef's
>experimental native Bluetooth communication
>(  For all dongles, I get:
>[0.000028] DATETIME 2015-05-16T07:36:55Z (1431761815)
>[0.000055] VERSION 0.5.0-devel
>[0.000075] Opening the device (Shearwater Petrel, 00:13:43:0E:6B:D0).
>[0.000107] INFO: Connect: address=00:13:43:0E:6B:D0, port=1
>[2.300316] ERROR: Connection refused (111) [in bluetooth.c:320
>[2.300331] ERROR: Failed to connect. [in shearwater_common.c:53
>[2.300353] universal.c:753: Error opening device.
>[2.300359] Result: Input/output error
>I also tried the universal tool on Windows
>but only using the onboard Bluetooth because I don't know how to
>control which device is being used when I plug in a dongle.  I get a
>slightly different log:
>[0.000008] DATETIME 2015-05-16T07:08:06Z (1431760086)
>[0.000496] VERSION 0.5.0-devel
>[0.000823] Opening the device (Shearwater Petrel, 00:13:43:0e:6b:d0).
>[0.013609] INFO: Connect: address=00:13:43:0e:6b:d0, port=1
>[58.777923] ERROR: A connection attempt failed because the connected
>party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established
>connection failed because connected host has failed to respond (10060)
>[in ../../source/src/bluetooth.c:265 (bluetooth_socket_connect)]
>[58.779384] ERROR: Failed to connect. [in
>../../source/src/shearwater_common.c:53 (shearwater_common_open)]
>[58.780810] ../../source/examples/universal.c:681: Error opening
>[58.781196] Result: Input/output error
>On Windows, I can download with Subsurface fine (via COM5 serial
>connection), and with the Shearwater Desktop application.  But I don't
>like having to boot into Windows.
>As a side note, I managed to connect to the Petrel 2 using BLE with
>the Targus dongle and the gatttool command, following a similar method
>Connect works, but I don't know what to do from there.
>Sorry for the long email, semi-repeating what I wrote previously, but
>I'd really like to get this working, for me and hopefully help others.
>Please let me know if there's anything I can do to get to the bottom
>of this.

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