Dive Site Management - request for feedback

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Wed May 27 09:24:04 PDT 2015

I have been messing around with the dive site facility quite a bit and I 
cannot manage to crash it :(((((. In general it is a bit rough round the 
edges but as far I can see, it is fully functional. I did the following 
type of dive records:
1) Adding dive and using an existing dive site from the Notes panel. 
2) Adding dive and adding location from marble from within the Notes 
panel. This automatically puts you into the dive site management panel 
where info is added which is then finally attributed to the present dive 
too. Pretty good. The blue bar at the top of the marble panel is a bit 
inconsistent in when it appears and when not.
3) Adding a dive, going straight into manage, adding  a dive site by 
clicking marble, save location and go back to Notes panel. Problem in 
that the newly created site is not always transfered to the Notes panel.
4) Adding a dive, going straight to manage, adding coordinates by 
typing, save location and go back to Notes panel. Looks ok.

There are two problems that I picked up.
a) After specifying a new site, sometimes the dive site of to topmost or 
second-from-top dive in the dive list gets changed to that of the 
newly-created dive site. Still workable if one knows about the problem, 
but inconvenient.
b) Sometimes a newly-created dive site is not immediately visible on the 
dropdown list of the dive site text box in the Notes tab. Can be a bit 

In short, miles better than editing a huge xml file by text editor that 
always makes me very nervous. As far as I can see one can confidently 
add a new dive site from the GUI.

There are a few tiny things about consistency of ACCEPT or CANCEL 
buttons in the dive site manager panel, but that that can, I assume, 
easily be fixed up when all the other aspects of this has been 
completed. Tomaz and Dirk, you are wizards, I really mean this.

One question that I keep on forgetting to ask: The 3 buttons in the dive 
site manager (add, delete, penguin) are the functiona and how is one 
supposed to use them?
Kind regards,

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