VPM-B and the current deco algorithm

Jan Darowski jan.darowski at gmail.com
Wed May 27 10:22:56 PDT 2015

If as Dirk said, you guys want to have a constant access to my work
and relatively often merge it with master, I need to change my
approach a little bit (I wanted to first implement the algorithm,
independent from the rest of the source, then integrate it). Maybe
it's a good idea to keep it integrated all the time.
But it leads to some questions about how this new algorithm should
work with the current deco implementation:

The most important thing is if we want both algorithms to be
calculated for the current dive and just one of them displayed or
should we recalculate the plan depending on the chosen algorithm?

Should I put the new algorithm into current deco. files or should I
look for some way to split them? Right now, there is a lot of things
in deco which I need in vpmb implementation.

Right now, planner has an ugly plan() function which among others
implements the main logic of the current deco algorithm. Can I add
plan_buehlmann and plan_vpmb() which will be called from the current
plan() function?

Jan Darowski

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