GSoC Status - Week 1 (VPM-B)

Jan Darowski jan.darowski at
Sun May 31 15:55:54 PDT 2015

This week I started from creating the new repo for my work: vpm-b branch

As I had to change my plans about the implementation, I needed to get
more familiar with the planner code which took some time.

Then I started implementing the first part of the algorithm,
extracted needed algorithm settings from the other implementation and
added them to the existing code.

I spent some time on planning how to implement next parts, tomorrow
crushing pressure calculation should be ready and I will start
checking if existing saturation calculation is similar to results from
the other c implementation.
I'm not sure about it, as it's calculated differently and I already
spotted some differences in constants values.

Today I finished some big projects at the university so I should be
able to catch up with the project a little bit. There shouldn't be any
problems with reaching the first big milestone: having a basic
implementation of the algorithm on 14.06.

Jan Darowski

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