Update 4.5 and cloud storage

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Wed Oct 14 21:03:08 PDT 2015

> On Oct 14, 2015, at 8:48 PM, Martin de Weger <martin at reef-it.nl> wrote:
>>> 2) The dives I uploaded are not visible on the web. I get the following error:
>>> The requested URL /user/<<USERNAME REMOVED>>/dives.html was not found on this server.
>> That's not debuggable. If you go to https://cloud.subsurface-divelog.org
>> you should be asked to log in. Once you log in you should be redirected to
>> the correct URL. But that URL will give you the error above if you haven't
>> successfully saved data to the cloud.
> I know I have data in the cloud since I was able to download the data to a computer where I just installed Subsurface. When I login to the cloud, I still get the same error. 

I sometimes find it hard to understand people.
So something isn't working. And you're unhappy about it. But you don't want to give me the information I need to track down the problem.
Instead  you tell me exactly as little as last time.
Unfortunately I'm a very curious soul. So I tried to figure out what your username might be. Because, seriously, how the HECK would I debug this if I didn't know your username? Look at every log in every filesystem? Whistle while I hope for a stroke of genius? Seriously?

Anyway. I figured it out. Your super secret username does't comply with an assumption that I made after 27 years on the internet which the greedy ICAN has recently proven wrong.

It's fixed. And in order to keep your super secret extremely important username super secret I won't tell the rest of the developers what the problem was.

Please make a random change to your data and save again. That should trigger the update hook that creates the HTML export.

And the next time you run into a bug and want me to fix it, be a sport and give me the information that allows me to do it without playing Hercule Poirot. Heck, if it's so secret send it to me in personal email.


PS: yeah, I'm cranky and I'm tired. Maybe I shouldn't have snapped at you. Apologies.

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