4.6 Beta 1

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Tue Dec 13 08:02:22 PST 2016

> On Dec 13, 2016, at 2:37 AM, Pedro Neves <nevesdiver at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 13-12-2016 02:25, Steve wrote:
>> I'd love it if people could spend some time testing this. Assuming the builds aren't completely hosed I'd love to announce this tomorrow.
> I'm running latest appimage on my Arch machine. A few things I've noticed:
> - I had to install libselinux in order to run the app image;

I have noticed this. I don't know what causes that and I can't figure out how to work around it as including libselinux in the AppImage doesn't work.

> - some translated strings are not integrated on the image yet (e.g. preferences);

Things that you have just translated? Or things that were translated at least a couple of days ago? 
If the latter, can you give specific strings so I can check what's going on?
> - I still have a seg fault when trying to edit the cylinder on my dives (Thomaz did you had a chance of looking into it?).

Have you filed a bug for that one?

> I'll keep testing...

Yes, please


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