Subsurface-mobile for Android -845

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sat Feb 13 21:06:34 PST 2016

On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 03:52:44PM +1100, Rick Walsh wrote:
> > So I tried to implement something that I find reasonable and intuitive.
> >
> > - there's still the save button
> > - the action button is cancel and there is NO CONFIRMATION - you hit that
> >   button, you get what you asked for
> > - the back button asks the user if they really wanted to discard the
> >   changes, and if they don't confirm within 3 seconds it simply hides the
> >   confirmation dialog and pretends nothing happens
> >
> > Please play with it, the description sounds a lot more awkward that it
> > felt to me to use...
> >
> The logic is good, and the description makes sense.  The reasons I'd rather
> the action button be 'save' are:
> (1) I'm lazy and if all I want to do is enter/alter a couple of details
> (e.g. dive site and buddy), then I don't want to have to scroll down to the
> bottom of the page to find the save button
> (2) we effectively have two quick-access buttons: the action button and the
> back button.  Having both do the same thing (with or without confirmation)
> is a bit of a waste.  We have two actions that should be accessed rapidly:
> save and discard.  The back button can be used to discard changes, so it
> makes sense to me that the action button would be save.
> (3) let's trust the user knows what she's doing - more often than not, when
> the user wants to leave the page, she wants to save changes.  We should
> make that as easy as possible.

I can see your point. So let me rip out the work that I did and implement
that instead.


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