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Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Jan 4 07:24:38 PST 2016

On Mon, Jan 04, 2016 at 07:44:39AM +0200, Miika Turkia wrote:
> >
> > I installed the daily build on my Nexus 9. And found some glitches.
> >
> > The biggest one was a repeatable crash. This happens with the sequence:
> >  1. Install APK and open
> >  2. Login to Cloud
> >  3. Dive list displayed and dives can be viewed.
> >  4. Use the Navigation bar to go back to Android main screen

You mean the soft buttons on your Android device (which change icon an
meaning, depending on Android version)?

> >  5. Use the square navigation button to display applications, then swipe to
> > shutdown subsurface.
> >  6. Restart subsurface
> >      List of dives comes back
> >  7. Try and open dive... crash

Doesn't happen for me. Tried with 4.3 and 6.0

> I wonder if this is the same crash I see when trying to view dive
> details. Unfortunately, on my crash there is no debug output that
> would help at all to know what goes wrong.

As usual, bugs that I can't reproduce and for which I have no interesting
debug output... real pain to fix.

> > Another minor bug, is that if the cloud password is not entered correctly on
> > the initial setup,
> > the program just jumps back to setup screen with no error message.
> I sent a patch for this a day or two ago, but it has not yet been
> reviewed by Dirk.

Sorry, I was trying to wrap my mind around QML and simply ignored
everything else. My mind is bent out of shape and I still don't understand
90% of what's going on, so I stopped this for now and will go back to
actually maintaining the software. Your patches have been applied but not
tested, yet.

> > A cosmetic glitch is that there is some symbol with two squares and a x
> > inside a circle at the bottom of many
> > screens. Haven't seen this with other apps, and it doesn't seem to do
> > anything.
> Isn't that an icon indicating that you can swipe left/right to view
> menu or other screens. It should also have triangles to left and right
> if you have other screens available that way. (To be honest, I find it
> a bit odd as well.)

This is the direction the KDE Plasma Mobile team is going.

We have a single developer who actually understands QML from what I can
tell. So his decisions carry a lot of weight. I'm not sure I'm in love
with this UI concept, either, but if Sebastian wants to do this and no one
else steps up with an alternative UI implementation, then that's what
we'll do.

> > A couple of enhancements or things I expect were missing (most of these were
> > mentioned
> > before).
> >  A. Would be good to have standard menu accessed by triple bar in top left
> > corner

Why? I find the slider menu from the left much more in line with what
modern applications do. I'll admit that I'd prefer to use a triple bar in
the corner to get to that menu, but that's a different question.

A "standard menu" (a drop down that you pick from) is a mouse / desktop
based concept from the 1980s. I'll admit that I'm shocked how many modern
mobile applications still use that - but it's usually used for "advanced,
rarely used features" and not for the main menu of an application.

> >  B. Swiping is a little counter-intuitive. My expectation was that simple
> > swipe would scroll
> >       through dives. The only swipe that did anything was swipe left from
> > dive went back to dive list.

Yes, I discussed this with Sebastian. If we had a different way to access
main menu and context menu this would be an easier sell. I think my
preference would be to get rid of the magic button and have triple bar on
the left and triple dot on the right as some other mobile apps do. Tapping
those opens the drawer from the left / drawer from the right. And if those
drawers aren't open, then swiping left and right should switch from dive
to dive.

> >  C. Pinch zoom on dive profile would be great, my dives are mostly
> > uninteresting, but would be nice
> >      to look at smaller segments.
> I pretty much agree on these. Some clever fellow should just come up
> with a good solution for B. And C will probably mean a lot of
> frustrated hours from one of our developers :D

We can't get one single size to work consistently. I agree that the
ability to zoom would be nice. I don't see this happening.

Side note: the zoom on the desktop app sucks massive rocks, too.

Summary: we need more people who actually work on the UI code.


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