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Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at
Tue Jan 5 07:30:39 PST 2016

On Tuesday, January 05, 2016 05:19:56 PM Lubomir I. Ivanov wrote:
> cd ./qt-mobile/qml
> git log --follow --oneline ./mobilecomponents
> 8e29972 QML-UI: fix black squares on some Android devices
> 44fd9bf sync with mobilecomponents f4d5d19fc
> 936c9ce Add more icons
> b6f5f23 sync with mobilecomponents 9d8bf6d77d
> f8fb918 sync with mobilecomponents 68c6dc9
> 09bf7fa sync with mobilecomponents e7d789465b9a935ec
> b96f202 sync with mobilecomponents 67e73fa85e
> 609d138 sync with mobilecomponents' d3fa79b50b54
> 33d589f Add missing icon
> e0fc526 Sync with mobilecomponents 54e4f2622a
> 3d3fce7 Sync to mobilecomponents 67cf594b4ddc
> 5e5c983 Sync with upstream mobilecomponents
> b59cdcd import mobilecomponents
> 8e29972 is something i suggested to Dirk as a bugfix:
> b370b12870

Right, that's the one I caught. It's an interesting one (in the unfortunate 

> no idea how would you solve it while preserving the gamma option upstream.

We discussed this issue yesterday in the Plasma team.
Possible ways to go about it
* Fix gamma adjust in Qt -- it's possibly a shader that doesn't work on the 
Adreno drivers. Qt code contains quite some hacks to make certain OpenGL calls 
optional on some hardware, that sounds like the most likely place to fix it 
(short of being able to fix the drivers, that's what we get from closed source 
crap, not that it would be easy to do...)
* Avoid gamma adjust upstream. I'm not sure what could be put in place, but 
even losing this functionality (the stronger painted icon if it's active) has 
my preference over shipping something broken on some hardware

Bottom line: I really don't want to put something upstream which has such 
problems on Android devices, so for subsurface, there should not be a reason 
to diverge from upstream.
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