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Rick Walsh rickmwalsh at
Wed Jan 6 00:31:03 PST 2016

On 6 January 2016 at 19:02, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:

> New Android binaries are on daily and should soon make it through the
> Google Play store.
> These are based on the latest master (-558) which includes a sync with the
> latest plasma mobile components (thanks Sebastian), a fix for the slow
> scrolling that Linus pointed out (again, thanks Sebastian), and a bunch
> more code from me to continue the add dive / edit dive features (you can
> now edit pretty much everything including dive date and time), various bug
> fixes and imperial units for people in the US.
> As always, feedback is extremely welcome.
> A great set of updates there.  Most noticeable improvement I notice is
accelerating the scrolling.  Much snappier.  I was curious about imperial
units, but that's hidden from me, which I far rather than it being imposed
upon me.

I noticed a couple of oddities.  Please read these as results of testing,
not complaints.

The context menu now takes up 90% of the width of the screen.  It's an
improvement over being too small to see, but is there a reason to make it
so wide?  Is there an easy way to change it without editing the line in

If I open the context menu in dive view, then hit the Android back button,
the context menu stays open with no actions, and no easy way to close it,
while the background returns to the dive list.  In order to close the
context menu, I need to select a dive (in the background, that's only
visible along the extreme left of the screen), then swipe the context menu
closed or select "edit".  Ideally the context menu should close when the
Android back button is pressed.

When entering cloud credentials, the page is hidden when I select either
the email or password boxes.  It reappears after typing in text and hitting
'done' on the on-screen keyboard.  This was working before.


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