dc download in Subsurface-mobile

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Thu Jan 7 10:38:47 PST 2016

After the initial selection of the dive computer model has been done 
there are a number of things that need discussion. I suspect there are 
only two options for the mountpoint of the dc: USB, BT. I would suspect 
Android uses a pretty simple scheme for specifying the device 
mountpoint. Are there any finer intricacies to take into consideration? 
I suspect the USB access will initially get all the attention. I suspect 
one could get away with a simple combobox allowing the user to select 
either USB or BT. Is this impression correct at all?

Once the dive computer model and the mountpoint have been specified, it 
is pretty much up to Subsurface-mobile to do the legwork and get the 
information into the Android device. There is no UI development there, 
except for some indication of progress. After that comes the tabular 
display of downloaded dives. The most tricky part is likely to be 
getting the download itself to work. If anyone has any ideas or 
suggestions, they would be most welcome.
Kind regards,

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