Silly button [was Re: latest Android apk]

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Sun Jan 10 15:33:05 PST 2016

On Sunday, January 10, 2016 21:57:40 Henrik Brautaset Aronsen wrote:
> 9. jan. 2016 21.55 skrev "Dirk Hohndel" <dirk at>:
> > But I think we are getting closer to a point where we can open
> > things up and do an open Beta...
> The divelog list has overlapping text in the latest apk (.600)

Seems there were some model changes. The (overlapping) text in the bottom 
right of the is now the location, and its duplicated while it was the dive 
number. Looks like a relatively simple mistake slipped in which caused this.

I'll fix that.

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