progress on Subsurface-mobile

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Jan 10 22:50:09 PST 2016

After a very productive weekend I think this is getting closer. The good news is that more and more things are starting to work. The bad news is that literally everything that I tried was broken in some way shape or form. We had started displaying the location where the dive number used to be (thanks Tomaz). We had stopped showing the dive time and only showed the date (thanks, err, Tomaz). GPS fixes had their timezone offset calculated wrong (mine). The whole logic of figuring out if we had data from the server was bogus (if you had successfully synced before, but now are offline -- mine). Editing was so broken, it's not even funny (mostly mine). When "saving" changes after editing them we didn't actually save them. And while that makes some sense on the desktop (you need to manually save data and when you quit Subsurface, it reminds you), the usage model on a device is different. You usually don't quit software - you just switch away and it may get killed by the OS - and then you lost your data. So that was changed.

Anyway, I'm rambling.

Please give it a try. New dailies are up (and should make their way through the play store, soon). I'd really love it if people started experimenting with this in a more structured manner and especially started filing bugs when they run into things that are not working as they should.

I think we've made amazing progress and would like to do a public beta in the near future, but for that to happen I want the functionality that we have reasonably well tested so it doesn't look like a complete disaster to our broader user base :-)



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