preferences and settings for Subsurface-mobile

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Jan 11 06:30:44 PST 2016

When testing Subsurface-mobile Jan noticed something rather important that
I of course "kinda sorta" knew, but had forgotten to follow up on. In
Subsurface-mobile you get the default setting for all our numerous
preferences on how the UI looks. There's no way I want to reproduce the
convoluted, complicated preferences screen on the mobile app - that just
seems way to overwhelming (it's overwhelming on the desktop app quite

A few seem easy. For legacy reasons the color choice of our fearless
former leader are still the default - so the dive computer reported
ceiling is shown in "surface" color (beige) instead of in red. I'll
happily make the executive decision to switch that default to being red

But what about things like calculated ceiling. Various partial pressures.
The tank bar. Should we make those preferences on the mobile device?
Should we do the same we do for the units and just carry over the
preferences from the last time you saved things on the desktop



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