preferences and settings for Subsurface-mobile

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Jan 11 09:50:43 PST 2016

On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 07:31:13PM +0200, Willem Ferguson wrote:
> On 11/01/2016 18:41, Robert Helling wrote:
> >Hi,
> >My personal choice is always in favour of richer features so I would be
> >pro settings sharing with desktop and if that is not what happening
> >turning on as many features of the profile as possible as long as the view
> >does not get obstructed but I know there are other opinions.
> >
> >Best
> >Robert
> >
> >
> >
> May I add a few personal opinions, and they are really preferences.
> 1) The righthand drawer (currently housing the lonesome Edit icon) is wide
> open to use without requiring extra screen estate. In this drawer can come
> many things currently on Desktop, e.g.
> a) delete dive
> b) remove dive from trip
> c) create trip above
> And there are several more on the Desktop dive list context menu. All these
> settings or actions are dive-related and would logically belong in that
> drawer and would be fantastic to organise the dive list.

But the question is... do we want users to do this on their mobile device.
In the end it comes down to what the goal is. A full fledged mobile app
that replaces your desktop, or an app that allows you to interact with the
dive list on a dive boat, when you didn't bring your computer on a trip,

I realize that people run more and more things on their phones and tablets
and that I'm old and cranky (at least compared to most other developers
here)... but I hate trying to do things on my phone or tablet and it's
always a last resort because I don't have access to my laptop.
The effort to implement all this, test it, keep it working on both desktop
and mobile device. Yikes.

Sure, if that's what the world wants, eventually I'll have to conceed. But
for now I don't think that's the right set of priorities.

> 2) There is certainly an option of a button in the right-hand drawer that
> switches the calculated ceiling on or off. For me the calculated ceiling has
> been an indispensable addition to my dc for evaluating a particular dive and
> to plan the following dive. I lug my laptop into the field and after each
> deep or a long dive I use the ceiling to help make a decision about the
> following dive. If one can have this functionality on a phone that would
> make life much easier not having to lug a laptop (not that my current DC
> would be able to download onto Android).

An option to turn it on and off? NO. Have it on if you used it on the
desktop. I'm open to that.

> 3) Moving between the profile pages of different dives. The system that
> Sebastian proposes is fully implemented in GMail Android and it works
> perfectly. But in Subsurface, on the dive list, the movement between dives
> on the dive list is vertical. It would therefore be more intuitive to move
> vertically among the profile screens of different dives. That said, with
> GMail one moves between emails on the list in a vertical way and swipe
> between the contents of different emails in a horizontal way.

I think the pattern that people are used to is horizontal swipes for
previous and next. My understanding is that Sebastian has this in a branch
that he's cleaning up for me to pull.


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