Pre open beta testing

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Mon Jan 11 10:14:43 PST 2016

On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 06:06:19PM +0000, John Smith wrote:
> Running latest build on a Hudl, android 5.1. Completely clean installation.
> Installation package - no issues. App reports 46.59mb installation size.
> Setting up cloud credentials -  correctly informs if user-name/password is wrong
> Download of Log File - downloading 59 dives onto a clean install took more than 30 minutes on a 40K connection- I got bored waiting.  I checked the app details and the storage value was 479mb - which matches my PC folder size which has photos in there.

It's the photos. I need to create a way to remove them cleanly from the
git repository... Definitely high on my todo list.

> Looking at old dives. - Profile shows correctly. All labels are easy to read and not over printing other information.When you click on an underlined location, the choice is either a browser window or google maps. I chose google maps. The position that it goes to is not the same as on the PC version, it appears to be truncated which pins it onto a slightly different geographical location.

Oh, that sucks. Good information. I'll dig into that.

> Manually adding dive - clicked on edit and added data in all boxes shown, there was no WEIGHT entry available. I entered depth and time as integer numbers. Clicked save and the screen went to the dive details, with all the entered data displayed, depth and time still showing as unit less integers. The graphic window was blank. Swiped right to return to the Dive Log page and the Duration was now 0min. Went back to the dive page and edited again, but this time using 30:00  for time. After saving changes time this time showed as 30:00 on the profile page and as  30h:00m on the divelog page. Eventually used 00:30 during data entry to get 30 minutes dive time. Flicking between the dive profile page and the dive log page didn't change anything, however by changing to another dive and then returning to the manual dive, time was shown in the same units on all pages and there was a profile in the graphics window. Upload works but is very slow.

Yes, the data entry isn't robust enough and there's no explanation what
kind of data it expects... it wants units. Badly :-)

> I think this needs a delete dive button as the only way of removing a manual dive was to load to cloud, change on pc and load again on tablet.

Yes, agreed. Edit and Delete make sense for the context menu. Can you file
a bug for that, please, so I don't forget again? :-)


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