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> > Yes, I threw in the partial pressures because they are an obvious extreme
> > case. I have no intention of enabling them on the phone and making the
> > profile even more crowded.
> I politely disagree on this point. I do concede that my position is one of
> a minority as a rebreather diver.
> For me the partial pressure for (O2) gasses during the dive are important
> data. Maybe even more important than the temperature.
> Does it become to complicated if you would enable the partial pressures
> for dives that are marked as CCR?
> FWIW I use the app only for viewing the dive log which I store in the
> cloud. I use solely the desktop software to add and modify the dive data.
> Hence I would not mind if the profile image would be bigger (higher) than
> currently to accommodate more data.

Can you try to provide a mockup of how this should be organized on screen?
it's always userfull for us to understand how the user imagines the data on
the graph.

> Regarding the profile, the placement of the labels for dives (and this
> goes for both the desktop as well as the mobile version, desktop
> screenshot attached) could do with some relocation. Currently they overlap
> to the degree that you can't see what they say.
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