Subsurface-mobile Android app profile scaling

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Mon Jan 18 14:25:50 PST 2016

On Monday, January 18, 2016 13:15:54 Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> Maybe we have been trying too hard? 
> After playing with various options for several hours over the last few days
> and staring at tons and tons of debug output I tried something different
> and so far it looks like it might work. This has only been tested natively
> on Linux and on two Android phones, but so far, so good.
> Latest APK (675) is on dailies, should make it through Google Play store
> soon. Please test and report.
> Sebastian - please look at my commit 464b88f01 and tell me if you think this
> is reasonable...

Pff, seriously?

We may indeed have been trying too hard. The code looks good, if it produces 
good results, it *is* good. (I haven't tried yet, I'm at a company meeting 
this week with little to no time left, neither for subsurface, nor for diving. 

Thanks a lot for being stubborn about this issue, Dirk!

Sebastian Kügler    |    |

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