pre beta test subsurface-mobile 675

Jan Mulder jlmulder at
Tue Jan 19 01:03:44 PST 2016


a new test on the latest mobile version (675) using the same devices as 

On 14-01-16 09:52, Jan Mulder wrote:
> Tried the latest (655) version ( from google play) and I am getting 
> very different results on 3 android devices.
> 1) 5" phone, android 5.1.1, cyanogenmod 12.1 (very latest daily).
> - entering cloud credentials and loading cloud data works correctly
> - same session, immediate SIGSEGV follows. Only with phone in portrait 
> orientation. This is reproducible, and got introduced last week with 
> the big modifications (swiping details and the code simplification 
> set). Obviously, I can provide logcat when interested. In landscape 
> orientation, the splash screen stays "forever", and no crash follows.
> - I see the following: splash screen, correct empty screen with the 
> title bar, and the magic swipe icon. The sizing is incorrect (ie. the 
> swipe icon is just above half screen).

1) Exact same results as the test of 655 (unfortunately). Same tombstone 
data. In addition, I disabled the SIGSEGV causing mystery (by just not 
drawing the actual profile) to check scaling. All things reported in 
ticket still stand. So, a 
little clip-off on the right of the profile in portrait orientation.

> 2) 4" phone, android 5.1.1, cyanogenmod 12.1 (but not very recent).
> - 1st run: most just works as intended (obviously, scaling of profiles 
> is not). 5 minutes of swiping around, all works. exit the app cleanly.
> - all next runs: after the correct splash screen, an almost black 
> screen is shown. Only a small line of pixels on the left side of 
> screen are shown.
Also here, no change. Exact same behaviour. Scaling in portrait mode is 
still a little off.

> 3) 10" tablet, android 4.1.2
> - works,
> - but the start of the app show erratic screen repaints. For example: 
> correct splash screen, small white empty frame. all outside the white 
> frame flashes black, flash of the 3 buttons (download from cloud, 
> divecomputer, ...), and then a correct re-size and the divelist is shown.
And it gets a little boring: no change, so correct scaling both portrait 
and landscape.

For completeness. All checks with full fresh installs, using the apk 
from the Play Store except for 1) where I had to circumvent the seg fault.



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