pre beta test subsurface-mobile 675

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Jan 19 06:51:31 PST 2016

> On Jan 19, 2016, at 1:03 AM, Jan Mulder <jlmulder at> wrote:
> And it gets a little boring: no change, so correct scaling both portrait and landscape.

Yes, I agree. It does get boring. We simply don't have enough people working on this,
so progress is slow.
I have not the slightest idea how the code can crash where it crashes.

I see the slight clip-off on the right side on one of my devices and have not the faintest 
idea why QML renders things so they don't fit the screen and get clipped. I wonder if Rick's
patch will actually fix this - but even if it does, I still don't see why the page is drawn the 
way it is drawn.


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