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On 19-01-16 21:28, Rick Walsh wrote:
> Jan,
> On 19 January 2016 at 20:03, Jan Mulder <jlmulder at 
> <mailto:jlmulder at>> wrote:
>     1) 5" phone, android 5.1.1, cyanogenmod 12.1 (very latest daily).
>         - entering cloud credentials and loading cloud data works
>         correctly
>         - same session, immediate SIGSEGV follows. Only with phone in
>         portrait orientation. This is reproducible, and got introduced
>         last week with the big modifications (swiping details and the
>         code simplification set). Obviously, I can provide logcat when
>         interested. In landscape orientation, the splash screen stays
>         "forever", and no crash follows.
> I don't get a crash in portrait mode (are you still getting it?),

When you are on the latest master, you will have the fix from Dirk for 
the crash described by me. So that one is fixed. Even without the fix of 
tonight, not everybody was seeing this crash.

> but if I start in landscape, the splash screen hangs and nothing 
> happens. Using Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android 5.1.1).

I see exactly the same. Not checked the logcat yet. In fact, I am 
hunting down a next SIGSEGV, but I am not sure how to recreate it (yet).

> If I start in landscape mode, this is the adb logcat | grep -i subsurface

[logcat snipped]

> I/WindowManager( 3534): Screen frozen for +520ms due to 
> Window{33e2e48e u0 d0 Starting}
> ^^that line is not there if I start in portrait
[logcat snipped]
> ...
> Starting in portrait, the logcat is similar, but there is no "Screen 
> frozen" line:
> I tried to work out what  was going on, but didn't have much luck.
> Jan, were you ever able to start in landscape mode? Do you remember 
> what at what build/commit that was?

Yes, currently (latest master) I am able to start in landscape mode (of 
a 5" phone), but only with a little trick. Start landscape, wait a 
little (for it to hang, that is), rotate to portrait, hide the app (not 
close it), show the app again, and the divelist is shown. Somehow, this 
passes the "screen freeze".

I am not sure when this landscape "difficult start" was introduced. I do 
not recall a specific moment/built. Is starts just fine in landscape on 
a 10" tablet.



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