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Wed Jan 20 13:38:08 PST 2016

Good night Jan.

I'm having the same crash in 683 (and 675, and 680), but in latest it's
limited to just *three* consecutive dives.  In fact, I can scroll dive
after dive the full log and it only crashes when reaching that group, or
even selecting them from the dive list. In previous versions it was more
similar to your issue.



2016-01-20 13:12 GMT+01:00 Jan Mulder <jlmulder at>:

> On 20-01-16 11:39, Jan Mulder wrote:
> So, back to device 1)
> Tested for the crash both the -683 from Google Play (so built with Qt
> 5.6), as well as a self built, using Qt 5.5. Crash behavior is identical,
> so I do not suspect a recent Qt problem or fix. Divelist is shown
> correctly, clicking the first (newest) dive, and the divedetails are shown,
> right swipe trough the divedetails of consecutive dives works (not
> "perfectly", as already mentioned somewhere, this list or IRC, it hicks at
> approx 75% of the next divedetails). From this, I conclude that it (the
> crash) is not something specific about one or more dives. Now restart the
> app, just to be sure to have a clean state, divelist is shown, and select
> the 3rd or 4rd dive from the top. I get an instant SIGSEGV for this. A
> small fragment from the tombstone:
> backtrace:
>     #00 pc 00254214  /data/app/
>     #01 pc 00254d41  /data/app/
>     #02 pc 00256927  /data/app/ (QGridLayoutEngine::ensureColumnAndRowData(QGridLayoutRowData*, QGridLayoutBox*, double const*, double const*, Qt::Orientation, QAbstractLayoutStyleInfo const*) const+222)
>     #03 pc 00256be5  /data/app/ (QGridLayoutEngine::sizeHint(Qt::SizeHint, QSizeF const&, QAbstractLayoutStyleInfo const*) const+604)
>     #04 pc 0000893f  /data/data/
> Obviously, reproducible and as I said ... very obscure and not clearly
> pointing to an obvious piece of Sursurface-mobile code.
> It gets even more interesting. I can force a very similar SIGSEGV when
> running the mobile app on the desktop (in qtcreator) with debugging
> enabled. Open the app, select the first dive. Now the screen is split in
> left part divelist, and right part divedetail of the selected dive. There
> is a slider under the divedetail (to simulate sliding on a true device).
> Slide it (and see the console output, selecting trough the dives). This
> craches the app.
> The call stack contains the exact same
> QGridLayoutEngine::ensureColumnAndRowData and QGridLayoutEngine::sizeHint
> and a huge stack of QQuickItem.SetImplicitSize. It almost looks like
> infinite recursion.
> best,
> --jan
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