QtCreator problem?

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Tue Jan 26 08:35:28 PST 2016

On 26/01/2016 17:23, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
> The name downloadmanager.cpp could indicate a number of different things -
> I know that you were planning to create the model for dive computer
> vendors and models separately; that should go into qt-models.
> desktop-widgets should only contain code that's exclusively used in the
> desktop app, similarly qt-mobile for Subsurface-mobile.
> subsurface-core is intended for core functionality, qt-models for models,
> etc.
At this stage I am doing surgery, cutting out useful code from the main
Subsurface code, putting this in a "separate class" that is, in turn, 
implemented by
the main Subsurface code to build the desktop version. Once this is done
and the desktop version builds & works ok, I will approach this separate
class from the QML side, writing a QML-oriented C++ adapter that
implements the new above class (i.e. methods extracted from the main code).
In this way the existing code can operate more or less as always, but
with some methods accessible from QML. Hope this makes sense at all?
QML <-- Adapter <-- Separate Class --> Main_Subsurface_Code
I may merge the two middle classes into a single class but at the moment
I plant to keep separate what operates separate processes.
Any comments on this will be incredibly comforting, or, if not,
incredibly useful.

> As Sebastian pointed out, you need to make sure it's linked into your
> application by adding it to the SUBSURFACE_INTERFACE variable in
> desktop_widgets/CMakeLists.txt (assuming it is indeed part of the desktop
> UI) - or the corresponding variables in the CMakeLists.txt file in the
> correct directory.
Ha, this solves the problem. Thanks a million.

Kind regards,

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