Crash Mobile build 758 on Android 5.1.1

Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at
Sun Jan 31 05:19:14 PST 2016

On 31 January 2016 at 12:29, Rick Walsh <rickmwalsh at> wrote:
> That is interesting. Either there's something your phone doesn't like about
> my builds (work fine on my phone), or I was wrong about 675 being commit
> 1030cb2. I assumed 758 was built from the curreny git master and I counted
> back. But maybe 758 was a few commits earlier, in which case I think 675
> would be a few commits before 1030cb2. Dirk can you confirm?

hello Rick,

*) QML UI: Don't explicitly set width of GridLayout items
^ this one is a suspect in terms of what the stacktrace shows -

*) it could be a regression in the newer Qt that Dirk is using and it
could work with the older Qt you are using.
it's best to test with the newest available Qt.

*) to get the XXX digit of a commit:
> git describe HEAD --tags --abbrev=12
> git describe 1030cb2 --tags --abbrev=12

*) i've tried to figure out if the plasma-mobile components are a
factor, but it seems that GridLayout is only used in the *Gallery
components, yet those are not used directly in the subsurface
codebase. i could be wrong...

plasma-mobile being outside of the subsurface tree is the correct
decision, but as a third party library it can create a scenario where
for instance:
- subsurface-758 works
- plasma-mobile updates
- subsurface-759 is a small translation change, but no longer works

so this has to be monitored as well.


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