patches pushed to master

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sat Jul 9 13:05:02 PDT 2016

Quick update... as some may have noticed, I have a new job and the first
two weeks kept me rather busy... so I haven't paid any attention here,
haven't even read the emails.

I know, Linus keeps saying job #1 of a maintainer is to be responsive. So
for the last month or two I have sucked as a maintainer. Guilty as charged.

I'd love to promise that it will be all better now, but that would be
silly because it won't. Next week Linus and I will be in Tokyo. That may
actually mean that I'll have at least SOME time to look at Subsurface. So
if you have patches that I have overlooked, if you have things that you
want my opinion on, now may be a great time to (re-)send those.

The following week we'll be on a liveaboard with no phone or internet.
That means that Subsurface will likely get some critical testing, but of
course it also means another week with the maintainer absent from the
mailing list :-(

Quick request:

Rick / Robert, can you please check that I got everything applied for the
planner changes and that things work as expected?

Anton, do I have all your patches for Android?

Has anyone figured out the new Kirigami stuff?


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