thank you, Yahoo

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Tue Jul 12 01:05:19 PDT 2016

Yahoo's strict DMARC policies cause mail that is sent through mailing
lists that don't rewrite the From: header (like ours) to fatally bounce
when someone with a Yahoo email address (like Axel) sends email to such a
mailing list. As a consequence about a dozen people with mail providers
who actually follow strict DMARC policies have now been unsubscribed from
our mailing list.

Just what I need. More BS because of stupid brute force attempts to deal
with email abuse.

I'm not sure what the smartest course of action is, right now I'm thinking
I'll prevent people with Yahoo addresses from posting to our mailing list
and politely ask Axel and others to please get an email account with a
sane email provider like gmail... but before I do that... any other
suggestions how to work around this problem?


PS: just landed in Tokyo and somewhat jetlagged...

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