first impressions: subsurface-mobile (android)

Berthold Cogel cogel at
Wed Jul 20 07:32:35 PDT 2016


After importing all my dives in subsurface (both Linux and Windows) and
uploading them into the cloud, I got subsurface-mobile to sync the data.

subsurface (windows): 4.5.6
subsurface-mobile:    1.0.5

- Some status/progress information might be helpful

It took the app some time to load the data (about 450 dives). And I
wasn't able to tell whether the sync was working or not. The app showed
the login screen until the transfer was complete. Something like
'loading dive x of y' ...

- Map display needs to convert the divesite coordiantes

I edited all divesites in subsurface (Windows) with the map module. The
coordinates are stored in DMS (degrees minutes seconds). When I tap the
location icon in subsurface-mobile and select google maps for map
details, I get redirected to locations somewhere in eastern Poland.....

My favorite local divesite, the Fühlinger See near Cologne is in DMS

N 51° 1' 23.027''	E 6° 55' 32.106''

In DD (decimal degrees) it is

51.0230631	6.925585

This is what seems to be needed for google maps.

With subsurface-mobile I get redirected to,+73-112,+Polen/@53.4519214,15.0606689,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4700be6e5cb77d75:0x2a12cc2278c88f78!8m2!3d53.4519182!4d15.0628629



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