Subsurface-mobile status

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sat Jul 30 12:31:40 PDT 2016

Quick update. I am at a loss why I cannot create working Subsurface-mobile
binaries for iOS anymore. Especially since the test binaries are about to

I switched laptops, but tried to recreate the exact same setup. Qt 5.7 is
broken for iOS (and it seems no one cares), but even if I use Qt 5.6,
installed from the same binary installer as before, it just doesn't work.
QQmlApplicationEngine::load("qrc:///qml/main.qml") gives no error or
warning, but calling QQmlApplicationEngine::rootObjects() afterwards
returns an empty list.

Until I am able to create iOS packages that work, I'm not quite sure how
to continue. And it seems that I am the only person even trying to do

With the very limited time that I have for Subsurface right now, I haven't
even tried to build an Android binary. But then, no new development has
gone in, so I think we are good there right now.

Feedback? Ideas? Plans of anyone else working on this?



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